Cross-platform Mobile Apps with Html5/Css3 + C#


Create cross-platform apps with:

  • Intel XDK
  • HTML5/CSS3 based design (with optional frameworks)
    The recommended look and feel is “Material Design” with Polymer
  • C# for code, with Visual Studio (or MonoDevelop)

This SDK is totaly free:

  • Intel XDK (with App Designer): free
  • SharpKit: free and opensource (since June 2014)
  • Visual Studio: free for Express editions / MonoDevelop: opensource
  • free and opensource for all XmaDevLab developments (created by Alchiweb):
    • C# libraries for SharpKit
    • doc API
    • converted Html5 demos in C# for SharpKit
    • integration with Intel XDK

XmaDevLab is “work in progress” but it is yet fully fonctional.

A beta version is available.