Look & feel: Material Design
Look & feel: Material Design (icon)

You can choose whatever design based on web framework (HTML5/CSS3/JS).

That said, Material Design is a good choice for a mobile hybrid web app:

  • provided by Google (base design of Android L version) for all devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches…)
  • web implementation: Polymer Project
  • free graphical designer tool
  • design for Android L, not far from the last versions of modern OS: iOS 8, Windows Phone 8, Tizen.

But, if you prefer, you can use Intel’s App Framework: this is an opensource HTML5 UI framework, primarily made for cross-platform mobile UI. The design can be create using AppDesigner (in Intel XDK).
This C# library was created by Alchiweb, MIT opensource licence. The source code will be available in the SharpKit code source repository.

So, for XmaDevLab, here are the 3 best cross-platform opensource web design solutions (for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Tizen):

(Material Design)
WinJS 3 App Framework
Supported by Google Microsoft Intel
Look and feel Android Windows device’s native design
Designer tool Polymer’s Designer Microsoft’s tools (?) App Designer
(in Intel XDK)

  • flat design
  • long-term design base for Windows products
  • with the 3.0 version:
  • lightweight
  • integrated with Intel XDK
  • agnostic look and feel